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IWALS (Version 3.0.1)

PRO Exclusive Asset 5.2 5.1 IWALS (Version 3.0.1) v3.0.1

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------> Informations about animations:

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How to reimport animations form Marketplace Pack to project:

Edit: From this version, please do not edit the animation curves, now you only need tzo replace the damaged animations with the original ones.

Edit (Ver 2.2): I used other animations from anim pack from marketplace - Ultimate Traversal Anims by RamsterZ. I broke this animations but if you want to import orginal , buy this pack , export choosed animations to fbx and reimport to the project.

Edit (Ver 2.5): The Melee Combat system uses a new pack from the Marketplace. Animations are not included in the project, but the system can still be used, although bugs may appear. If you have this Animation Pack - Marketplace Link, do the same with it as with other bundles. Do not change any animation sequence settings, but reimport individual files. Attention! In the project, the names of the animations start with 'BF_H2H' or 'BF_Knife', so you need to replace the file names after exporting FBX.

------> INFO About Plugins:

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Info about version 3.0 for UE5.2

Main Changes:

  • The interaction system was converted to the Gameplay Ability System

  • Using Gameplay Tags

  • Overlay States are moved to separated files, and connected by Anim Layer Interface
  • Pistols and Rifles is not longer a skeletal mesh component.
  • The amount of memory has been significantly reduced for Blueprint Files (Size Map)

  • Some items no longer use physic constraint, for now is using a dedicated component
This is the first version of the project that has an integrated GAS system. This means that not everything might work correctly yet. Currently, GAS allows for the introduction of many interesting solutions when it comes to gameplay. Many bool variables have been replaced by Gameplay Tags. All current tags are stored in ALS_BaseCharacterBP->AbilitySystemComponent->GetOwnedGameplayTags. This structure also contains information about the basic ALS states: Gait, Stance, MovementMode, MovementAction. These are additional data for GAS; I don't plan to completely abandon Enum variables. For ALS_AnimBP, a C++ class was created where variables were defined. This means that many variables defined in BP have been replaced by C++ (usually, C++ variables end with the letter 'C'). Compared to IWALS 3.0 for UE5.0, a significant change is the way a player holds a pistol or rifle. Previously, it was done as in the basic ALS, i.e., mesh replacement for the skeleton component. Now, weapons are separate actors attached to the player. Information such as: model type, ammunition status, and magazines are stored by the weapon actor, and the information is sended by new BP interface. This change allows for the creation of modular weapons. However, DataAsset is still used and required. Not all systems have been thoroughly checked by me, mainly concerning Melee Combat. The Rope Swing system has been removed in this version.

The bad news is that currently, there are poor results in terms of FPS count. On the demo map with 6 AI, my computer in the editor averaged 65FPS. On a map without AI controllers and small amout of interactive objects, it's around 100FPS. I worked on AI optimization, but my attempts proved to be ineffective. Blueprint Actors also impact gaming performance. I have the impression that this is due to some errors during engine changes. Additionally, in my case I noticed quite a long delay when it comes to the blueprint node search engine. For example, if I run 5 BP files (it must be ALS_BaseCharacterBP and AnimBP + others), the time to open the "All Action For This Blueprint" window is quite long (the 'context' option is selected). I mention this because I don't know what causes it.


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Currently, my plans for the next update are:

  • Optimalize everything possible
  • Creation of a new ladder system
  • Changed the model of damage and health points
  • Starting work on new Rope Swing system
  • Expansion of the GAS system and Gameplay Tags
  • Delete and make from scratch the Stealth Finisher system

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