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Advanced Locomotion System Community

FREE Asset 4.26 Advanced Locomotion System Community LAST VERSION

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Supported Platforms

  • Windows​
  • Linux​
Mac, Android, IOS, and console builds are not tested and supported at the moment. Use the plugin on those platforms with your own risk.


  • Based on latest marketplace release (V4) of Advanced Locomotion System​
  • Fully implemented in C++​
  • Full replication support with low bandwidth usage (Ragdoll replication is in experimental state)​
  • Plugin structure​
  • Highly optimized for production​
  • Mantling and debugging features are implemented as a separate plug-in/plug-out type actor component to reduce total overhead on base character class​
  • Improved footstep behavior with Niagara particle & decal support.​
  • Lots of bug fixes additional to marketplace version​

Known Issues & Discussion

  • See Issues section for list of known issues​
  • See Discussions section to discuss anything about the plugin, and ask questions. Please do not open an issue for questions.​

Setting Up The Plugin

  • C++ project is a requirement. BP projects are currently not supported.
  • Clone the repository inside your project's Plugins folder, or download the latest release and extract it into your project's Plugins folder.​
  • Put Config/DefaultInput.ini from the plugin folder inside your project's config folder. If your project already have this .ini file, merge it into yours.​
  • Regenerate visual studio project files and build your project.​
  • Launch the project, and enable plugin content viewer as seen below. This will show contents of the plugin in your content browser: image

Functions To Override In Blueprints

  • There are a few functions you will need to override in blueprints. You will also need to update these functions for every new overlay state you add. These are commented in the C++ code, but are listed here for quick reference as well.​
  • In your player character blueprint: GetGetUpAnimation & GetRollAnimation
  • In the MantleComponent: GetMantleAsset
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