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  1. π„π”πƒπŸŽπ—πŽπ’

    FREE Asset 5.2 5.1 UE5 4.27 4.26 Constant Updates Warning Sign Decal Package / AI SOURCES 07/2023

    Warning Sign Decal Package / AI SOURCES Discord Ai Sources All of these drawings contain high quality, the colors of these drawings can be changed, you can even create designs as you want with simple parameter settings, if you want to change the main source file of these designs, if you send...
  2. π„π”πƒπŸŽπ—πŽπ’

    PREMIUM Asset 5.1 UE5 4.27 4.26 Volumetric Space Nebula Procedural Generator LAST VERSION 12/22

    Volumetric Space Nebula Procedural Generator designed for next-gen space games. It uses a volumetric shader to render realistic scenes in real-time. Procedural blueprint allows you to create the complex space nebulae in an instant. All you need to do is manipulate the parameters of generation...
  3. π„π”πƒπŸŽπ—πŽπ’

    FREE Asset UE5 4.27 Neon Led Generator LAST VERSION

    Neon Led Generator With 10 ready-made templates Adjustable light color Mixed led color Adjustable texture resolution 5 different fonts Alpha input mode You can quickly produce materials by choosing one of 10 different templates prepared for you. Or by using the alpha mode, you can easily...
  4. π„π”πƒπŸŽπ—πŽπ’

    FREE Asset 4.27 4.26 <4.25 Bullet Hole Decals LAST VERSION

    Bullet Hole Decals Pack includes: Asphalt - 5 (Normal Decal) Blasted - 5 POM Materials with Meshes (mesh decal) Bricks - 10 (Normal Decal) Burnt - 5 (Texture + Normal Decal) Ceramics - 10 (Texture + Normal Decal) Concrete - 10 (Normal Decal) Cracks - 10 (Normal Decal) Dirt - 5 (Normal Decal)...
  5. π„π”πƒπŸŽπ—πŽπ’

    PREMIUM Asset UE5 4.27 4.26 1000+ Mega Decal Package / AI SOURCES LAST VERSION

    Advanced customizable decal pack, these materials contain high quality. You can design as much as you want with textures, It is designed both together and separately, Discord Video Document Technical Details Features: 1000+ Material 1000+ Textures Master and Master Material Instance 512x512 -...
  6. π„π”πƒπŸŽπ—πŽπ’

    PREMIUM Asset UE5 4.27 4.26 Cartoon Water Shader LAST VERSION 09/22

    Video: Tutorial: Tutorial for Sailing Mechanics: Underwater Tutorial: Waterline and Tile Solver Video: Update 2.3 β€’ Tile Solver β€’ Waterline for ocean and lake Update 2.2 β€’ Underwater implementation β€’ You can create water with different parameters Update 2.1 β€’ You are able to use 2 or...
  7. π„π”πƒπŸŽπ—πŽπ’

    PREMIUM Asset UE5 4.27 4.26 Custom Dynamic Crosshair Pack LAST VERSION

    This pack contains : 6 different shapes : square, triangle, circle, graduation, cross, dot. Many customisation features : radius, thickness, primary color (white color), secondary color (grey color), neon, mask radius, etc... 30 material instances presets. This pack can be use in fps, rts, and...
  8. π„π”πƒπŸŽπ—πŽπ’

    PREMIUM Asset UE5 4.27 4.26 Frosted Glass LAST VERSION 09/22

    Watch Video Overview The frosted glass shader is provided in two fundamental implementations, each with their benefits and drawbacks (they can be combined): Surface Material Supports per surface diffuse color (for effects like stained glass) Supports per surface reflection color Does not...
  9. π„π”πƒπŸŽπ—πŽπ’

    FREE Asset UE5 4.27 4.26 MotionUI v1.12

    MotionUI is an extensive material functions library for motion design and advanced dynamic UI development with UMG, designed for use in games, simulations, visualizations and cinematics on any platform. Watch showcase and overview Technical Details What's new in ver.1.12 (03/17/21): Mask...
  10. π„π”πƒπŸŽπ—πŽπ’

    FREE Asset 4.27 4.26 Dynamic Rain Overlay LAST VERSION

    The Dynamic Rain Overlay system is a quick way to add dynamic rain effects to your materials. Simply hook this material function into your existing materials and edit Global Rain Amount material parameter to control the amount of rain. Comes with both animated and static impact droplets. And a...
  11. π„π”πƒπŸŽπ—πŽπ’

    FREE Asset 4.27 4.26 UE4 Mannequin Dynamic Suit Pack (PBR) LAST VERSION

    UE4 Mannequin Dynamic Suit Pack is material set for UE4 mannequin, which includes 8 material suits with 2K textures. You can easily change color and emissive power of material instances. Technical Details Features: 8 Material Suits based on PBR 2K Textures ( 2048 x 2048 ) Number of...
  12. π„π”πƒπŸŽπ—πŽπ’

    PRO Asset 4.27 4.26 Landscape Auto Material LAST VERSION

    < PLAY VIDEO > < PLAY FLY DEMO VIDEO > Landscape Auto Material is a flexible autopainting material for Unreal Engine 4 Landscape component. When you are drawing the topology of your landscape, proper material layers are drawn automatically. You can paint these and additional landscape layers by...
  13. π„π”πƒπŸŽπ—πŽπ’

    FREE Asset 4.26 <4.25 Damage and Shield Effects LAST VERSION

    Preview: youtube.com/watch?v=KW-w9M2_G24 Compiled Demo: deststudio.com/download/ScreenFX_DamageAndShields_Demo.zip Web Link: deststudio.com/portfolio-item/damage-and-shield-effects The package contains two groups of post processing materials - damage and shield materials. Technical Details In...
  14. π„π”πƒπŸŽπ—πŽπ’

    FREE Asset 4.27 4.26 Advanced Procedural Landscape Material LAST VERSION

    Hello everyone, This material is going to be your savior. Material itself can generates own layers by the height. Lower heights=beach or desert, Medium heights=Grass, High heights=Snow and Cliff. Video: Video 2:How to Create a Dynamic Weather System with APLM What is this new AO thing...